Expert Profile - Mia Togo

Mia Togo

Yoga Instructor, Life Coach Expert stats
  • More than 10 years training
  • Teacher, trainer and mentor at YogaWorks
  • Her specialty and passion is Vinyasa Flow
  • Released her first DVD, Daily Yoga, in December 2014



Mia teaches with an emphasis on detailed alignment geared towards an intelligence and purpose to her sequencing. Her purpose as a teacher is to allow the student to have an authentic experience that is sacred, healing, uplifting and inspired by spirit

Her mantras are: “Courage reveals, faith heels. Inner freedom leads to outer clarity. Imperfections are our truth. The shadow creates a backdrop to see the light. Let it go, let it flow.”


Formerly a professional dancer and equestrian, Mia is a certified yoga instructor and certified life coach with a degree in Psychology from UCLA. She is currently a YogaWorks teacher trainer and mentor, and has led classes at festivals such as Wanderlust.


Hollywood Executives, Fortune 500 CEO's