Expert Profile - Siva Mohan, MD, MPH

Siva Mohan, MD, MPH

Ayurvedic Living Coach Expert stats
  • Based in Long Beach, Calif.
  • Registered practitioner with AAPNA (Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America)
  • On the Standards Committee of the California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Ayurvedic expert for Veria International
  • Svastha health


“I don't believe in extremes or cookie-cutter approaches to health. As our health patterns and needs are unique, and changing, I believe it's more important to be able to know which tools to use to fit our needs in any given moment. This is why I'm so drawn to Ayurveda (holistic alternative medicine) and why I find it to be an empowerment process. As we move through the process of a more intimate relationship with ourselves, our health and our emotions, I believe it’s important to remember and accept who we are and how we got there. Sustainable results in any healing journey, in my opinion, happen with growing awareness, self-compassion and practice. This is why my practice is designed to offer education along with prescriptive changes, in the setting of a long term nurturing relationship. I don't heal anyone; I teach people how to heal themselves.”


Siva Mohan began her path to healing in neuroscience and this sparked her interest in the mind-body connection. Mohan focused her studies on an extension of the mind-body relationship: The effects of community, development and culture on health behavior, while obtaining her Doctorate at Weill Cornell Medical College and Masters in Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley. Mohan’s professional goals now center on writing, lecturing and continuing to spread the awareness of Ayurveda and how it can complement modern medicine. She is often featured on television, radio and online as an Ayurveda expert.