Aspirational Goals

To Aspire is to Rise to a Greater Height. To Strive to Meet a Goal. To Becoming a Better You.


Our Approach to Aspirational Goals

  • Our approach to Aspirational Goals is based on the holistic premise that in order to best strive for goals our body should be in a state of thriving and not deprived.

Take Action for Aspirational Goals

  • Achieve and Maintain Your Goal Weight
    HealthStation™ Idea: Safe supplements in the form of all-natural plant-based powders for shakes or tablets
  • Get Radiant and Glowing Skin
    HealthStation™ Idea: Vitamins and nutrients to heal skin from the inside out and skin creams and lotions to heal from the outside in
  • Strengthen and Thicken Your Hair
    HealthStation™ Idea: Vitamins and nutrients to fortify hair growth from the inside out and topical applications to enhance from the outside in
  • Improve Your Smile and Breath
    HealthStation™ Idea: All natural whiteners and brighteners for aesthetics and oral rinses and breath fresheners for great oral health
  • Enhance Your Sexual Energy
    HealthStation™ Idea: All natural herbal formulations designed to naturally enhance libido, energy and stamina

Our Shop Products to Help Achieve Aspirational Goals


Recommended Products to Help Achieve Aspirational Goals

N53 Nutrition 53 Shakes
Nutrition53's founder and CEO Bill Romanowski, former NFL superstar, wanted his memory back after 16 seasons in the NFL and numerous concussions. Bill brought together the world's best doctors, scientists, and nutritionists to arrive at a formulation that would fully restore his mental function. The result was Neuro1, Nutrition53's first formula.  Nutrition53's formulas now include living other health goals from staying lean to sleeping well, feeling energized and thinking clearly, “Live like you mean It." is the motto.


Perricone MD Weight Management Supplements
Dr. Perricone's weight management program supports healthy weight, weight loss, and metabolism, while providing anti-aging benefits and boosting energy. It is non-stimulating and physiologic, meaning it works with the body, as opposed to against it, unlike many weight loss products.


Perricone MD Three Day Nutritional Face Lift™
Dr. Perricone's weight management program


Clean Program by Dr.Junger
The Clean Program is the most endorsed, supported and effective cleanse in the world. It was designed by cardiologist Dr. Junger M.D. to be easy to follow and safe to conduct. His manifesto is “Foot is Medicine” and we wholeheartedly endorse that saying. It’s a 3-week long cleanse and people like Gwyneth Paltrow swear by it. It’s not for the light hearted but it is achievable and can be life changing. The program offers lots of support including access to an online community and wellness coaches.


22 Days Nutrition Vegan Meal Delivery by Marco Borges
Marco Borges has spent 20-plus years as a lifestyle coach, nutritionist and fitness expert. He has authored Power Moves: The Four Motions To Transform Your Body For Life and 22-Day Revolution: The Plant-Based Program That Will Transform Your Body, Reset Your Habits and Change Your Life.  As the founder of 22-Days Nutrition, Borges recently partnered with Beyoncé (after her own personal transformation from the 22-Day Vegan Challenge) to launch a vegan meal home delivery service, and help people successfully adapt to a plant-based lifestyle. Beyoncé claims that “If a Houston born foodie like me can do it, anybody can.”


The Fresh Diet
You get 3 freshly-made, perfectly portioned meals and 2 nutritionally balanced snacks directly to your doorstep. Their food is never frozen or freeze-dried—and they claim that your taste buds and your waistline will thank them for this. There are 3 levels of packages: 7 Day, 14 Day and 31 Day packages. Each average less than $40 a day which, in the scheme of things, is affordable considering that is your total food budget per day.


SuperSlim by Dr. Schulze
Richard Schulze, ND, MH, is a Natural Doctor and Master Herbalist. He is a prolific teacher, speaker, educator and publisher with books (Natural Healing Publications), videos, a blog, a website ( and his American Botanical Pharmacy (ABP) in Marina del Rey, California.


Sakara Life Organic Meal Delivery
Lena Dunham and Victoria’s Secret Angels Lily Aldridge and Erin Heatherton like Sakara meals. According to the company, “We believe in food as medicine. The Sakara meal delivery program is nutritionally designed, superfood-filled, gluten-free, soy-free, organic, 100% plant-based, and packed with the highest quality ingredients on the planet.” Meals arrive in a cooler bag on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, along with two bags of Sakara Detox tea each day. Locations include NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, DC, select locations in New Jersey, Connecticut, NY state and Miami. Los Angeles coming soon.


Paleta from Celebrity Chef & Nutrition Expert Kelly Boyer
Celebrities like Jessica Biel, Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis, Jaime King and Michelle Monaghan enjoy Paleta’s daily delivery system, which ensures the freshest foods. “The meals are highly customizable. Paleta offers a myriad of choices to suite any palate or nutritional need: Paleo, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, pregnancy programs, family style, kids, high performance, and just those everyday people who want convenience and help getting or staying fit,” says Boyer. 


The Method by Lancer Skincare
For the last 30 years, Dr. Harold Lancer has been a trusted resource for some of the world’s most beautiful people. His Beverly Hills-based dermatology practice follows his “less is more” approach when developing advanced, bespoke skincare treatments for his patients. People come from around the world for Dr. Lancer’s advice and care because the results are simply remarkable.


Daily Nutrition for Skin by Dr. David Colbert
David A. Colbert, M.D. is the founder and head physician of New York Dermatology Group. The Colbert MD “Daily Nutrition for Skin” skin care line, with his patented QuSome™ delivery, allows the ingredients to remain active until they have fully contributed to the cell regeneration process. Colbert MD products are effective at delivering the energy of nature—through the power of science. The result is a skin care line that fights inflammation, slows aging, and restores the skin to its visible radiance, clarity and tone.


37 Actives by Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas
Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, MD PhD FAAD received her three degrees from Harvard University: a BA and an MD from Harvard Medical School and a PhD in Genetics from Harvard University. Macrene has numerous publications and discoveries in the fields of basic science, dermatology and laser surgery.  Her practice and academic work are focused on topical dermatologic anti-cancer and anti-aging therapies, laser technology and skin rejuvenation.


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