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From Asthma to Acne: Can You Be Cured by Salt?

No Need for Cream, Your Body May Have the Key Ingredient to Preventing Acne

B12: The Acne Vitamin?

How to Cure the Summertime Acne Blues

For many, acne is like the plague—it shows no mercy. And as summer heats up, you may see your breakouts worsen. “UV rays from the sun stimulate oil production and thicken the outer layer of your skin, leading to blocked pores and an increase in breakouts,” says David E. Bank, MD, assistant...

Why Turmeric May Be the Next Big Trend in Skincare Products

FDA Steps in to Regulate Claims by Wrinkle Creams

Should You Question the Value of Health Apps?

Spa Adds Breast Milk to Facials

Your Skin May Reflect Your Psychological Health

Your Skin Needs Probiotics, Too

Can Acupuncture Cure Acne?

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