Cheese Addiction Is For Real

Wellness Watch: Everything You Need to Know About Antibiotic Overuse

A Single Hour of Talk Therapy Can Help With Coffee Addiction

An Addicts Story: From Chocolate to Cocaine to Spinning

As far back as I can remember, I’ve chased anything that would replace pain with pleasure, starting with chocolate and attention, then upgrading to amphetamines, cocaine and eventually opiates. At the tail end of the 1980s, through a series of interventions I was forced to give up my...

Eminem's Exercise Addiction Following Rehab

3 in 10 Americans Have a Drinking Problem at Some Point in Their Lives

Today's Marijuana Is Not Your Father's Marijuana

Market the Disease, Then the Medicine

These Are the Most Addictive Foods According to Science

Keep your broccoli. You’re not going to rehab for that one “guilty” pleasure – at least for now. But we can’t say the same about other kinds of food you enjoy. That craving you have for pizza and, yes, bacon can actually be due to some form of addiction. That means your brain is wired to consume...

Everything in Moderation, Even Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery addiction is not as well-known as substance abuse, but it’s a reality for many. It’s not at all vanity that drives some to try find perfection, but the failure to see it in themselves. The condition is categorised as behavioural/process addiction, and is very serious as it can...

Why Juicing May Be the Newest Eating Disorder

Actress Amber Valletta: I've Been an Addict Since I Was 8 Years Old

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