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Science Says Exercise Could Determine If We Make It to 100

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Aging Too Fast? Blame it on Your Zip Code

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How Much Exercise Do You Really Need to Live Longer?

Imagine walking into your doctor’s office and asking for the exact dose of exercise you need to live 100 happy years. He scribbles down the hours per week (and intensity level) onto a prescription pad, and off you go to sign up for a gym membership. Until recently, this was just a dream scenario....

Fluoridated Water Helps Older Adults Keep Teeth, Study Says

Designer Phillip Lim Talks Men's Grooming

The Third Third

Watch out for Birthdays Ending in 9

Don’t Let the Summer Sun Age You

Oh beautiful summer. How your season brings joy to life as the birds tweet in luscious green leaves. Plants show off vivacious flowers, ranging from crisp yellows and scented reds to dazzling blues and moist purples. Bees buzz collecting pollen, scratching their legs against anthers, and insects...

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