Too Good to Be True? A Pill Might Help Your Pup Live Longer

The Natural Face Lift: Anti-Aging at Your Fingertips

Pampering and relaxation are a given when you get a facial, but long-term anti-aging benefits may be another reason to indulge in this beauty treatment. Regular facial massage and exercise not only firm and tone the skin, but can also strengthen the muscles below to permanently lift and smooth...

Antidote to Aging? Study Says, 'Vegetable Soup!'

Eating vegetable soup can add years to your life. In fact, you might be smarter—and slimmer—if you take regular breaks from your usual routine and simply eat vegetable soup for a few days. This practice is called semi-fasting, and the potential health benefits are outlined in a recent study...

The Amazing Natural Oil Beating Argan in Tests

Is Chewable Collagen an Actual Thing Now?

If you’re someone who is concerned about your skin’s health, you’re more than likely looking for ways to help reinvigorate it as you age. Plenty of products sit on shelves (alongside supplements) promising to help you stop the signs of aging, and keep your skin more supple. And now chewable...

Don’t Let the Summer Sun Age You

Oh beautiful summer. How your season brings joy to life as the birds tweet in luscious green leaves. Plants show off vivacious flowers, ranging from crisp yellows and scented reds to dazzling blues and moist purples. Bees buzz collecting pollen, scratching their legs against anthers, and insects...

New Procedure Dubbed 'Inside-Out' Face Lift Claims to Smooth Skin

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