Don't Just Talk to Your Baby—Repeat Yourself

LivingHealthy Q&A With Expert Lori Bregman: How to Be a Mindful Mom-to-Be

Going through pregnancy can be one of the most enthralling, challenging, uncertain, joyous and daunting times of a woman’s life. And for first-time moms experiencing pregnancy (myself included), daunting doesn’t even begin to cover the rollercoaster of emotions that happen. One moment, you feel...

The Best Pregnancy Workouts

Contrary to popular belief, pregnancy isn’t an acceptable excuse to miss out on a sweat session. Women are often worried that exercise may hurt the baby or fatigue the body, but staying fit and healthy before, during and after having a baby actually requires regular exercise. “While it’s not a...

Can You Prevent Your Baby From Becoming Obese?

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