Balanced Diet

Scientists Say This Is the Best Diet Plan (and It's Not Mediterranean)

11 Ways to Revolutionize Your Soup (From Martha Stewart’s Former Right Hand)

Mediterranean Diet Tied to Lower Odds of Uterine Cancer

10 Instagram Accounts That Make You Fall In Love with Eating Healthy

Healthy food, what’s that? Is it uncooked celery placed beside a hot, sweat inducing, dip of broth? Who would want to eat that? This is how I sometimes approach the topic of eating healthy, and maybe you do too. The word healthy is often synonymous with habits that require too much effort, or...

You Should Definitely Try These Affordable Paleo Diet Ingredients

The paleo diet is a very attractive alternative to most weight loss regimes as it promises mouth-watering meals that you actually look forward to eating. However, try as we might to stick to it, it’s often seen as a bank buster. This may explain why it’s generally believed to be practised by...

Real Talk on Weight Loss With Brown University Psychologist

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