Beauty Science

Your Cosmetics May Soon Be FDA-Regulated (and Safer)

Summer Spas: Beat the Heat and Relax Like a Russian

If you can’t get away to the beach this summer, here’s a unique way to escape from it all: Put yourself in a concrete room that’s 200-plus-degrees Fahrenheit, lie face down against the boiler and get swatted with two huge bundles of oak leaves drenched in hot suds—over and over again, by a man...

8 Amazing and Sustainable Lip Balms

21-Day Challenge: Detoxify Your Beauty Routine

This 90-Day Guide Will Help You Transform Your Appearance

You’re beautiful just the way you are and that never changes, regardless of how you see yourself. This, however, doesn’t mean you can’t give your appearance a radiant boost. Enhancing your features is a good way to see what your loved ones mean when they say you’re attractive. What’s more, it’s...

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