Body Image

World’s Top Athletes Get Naked in the Name of Healthy Body Image

From professional basketball and football players to Olympic gymnasts and throwers to soccer stars and golfers, the world-famous athletes who recently shed all their layers for ESPN magazine are superheroes in their own right. Short or tall, lean and muscular or broad and dense, they use the...

Their Bodies, Ourselves

Do You See a Monster in the Mirror?

11 Confident Women Who Are Challenging Hollywood’s Body Image Standards

Not every star in Hollywood is a size 0. And while the entertainment industry is notorious for promoting unrealistic standards when it comes to body image, some female celebrities are breaking the mold by proving to the world that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. After being ostracized by...

They Call It Like They See It: 'Fat Yoga'

What Drew Barrymore Said About Her Post-Baby Body

10 Crazy Celebrity Body Image Moments

Reconstructing body image: Everybody is a beach body

You’ve seen them everywhere; images of bikini clad, slender women, with smooth flawless skin, a flat tummy and thigh gaps. Sure, it’s all Photoshopped, and the reality is that no one is as perfect – everyone gets stretch marks, folks. However, these images still have the power to influence how...

The Quick Fix Cleanse

There’s a dark side to cleanses that come with promises. I wrote a book on weight and weight management. It did well enough, but certainly not as well as books that promised changes in 10 days—10 day cleanses, 10 days of juice, 10 days to skinny. Ten days is apparently the magic number. I suppose...

Finding Your Happy Weight

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