Breast Cancer

‘Prozac Nation’ Author Talks Breast Cancer Prevention

Celebrity Breast Cancer Stories That Keep On Inspiring

The Susan G. Komen Foundation estimates a total of 231,840 new breast cancer cases in 2015, with 40,290 resulting in deaths this year—among U.S. women alone. Although these statistics are startling, hope lies in the fact that the five-year survival rate of early-stage breast cancer is 99 percent,...

American Cancer Society Changes Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines

Against the Odds: BRCA2 Positive But Keeping My Breasts

I was laying alone in a foreign country in a foreign bed when I found out I had tested positive for the “breast cancer gene,” or what most of you probably know as “what Angelina Jolie has.” It’s September 2013 and I’m at the Toronto International Film Festival promoting my film PROXY and I have...

Study: Olive Oil Helps Reduce Breast Cancer Risk by 68%

Treatment for Early-Stage Breast Cancer May Be Unnecessary

Can Exercise Really Lower a Woman's Risk of Breast Cancer?

TV Personality Sandra Lee Battling Breast Cancer

Rita Wilson Talks About Cancer Surgery and Returning to Broadway

Angelina Jolie Propels into Menopause After Removing Ovaries

Low-Fat Diet May Boost Survival for Some Breast Cancer Patients

No Link Between Migraine, Breast Cancer Risk, Study Says

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