This Drug May Safely Boost Height in Children

Power of Good: UNICEF’s Fitness Band Keeps Kids Active and Helps Save Lives

Are Kids’ Bedtimes Obsolete or Should They Be the Law?

Whether you are a parent of a newborn or a teenager, chances are that at some point you have wrestled with the surprisingly controversial topic of your child’s bedtime. While playing the enforcer can be somewhat difficult—especially as your child transitions into an adolescent and tries to fight...

Eliminating Sugar Improves Kids’ Health Almost Immediately

For Teens, Late Night Bedtime May Equal Weight Gain

Why Internet Use May Not Be An Excuse for Teenage Obesity

Could Getting Rid of Pests Cost Your Children Their Health?

Is Over-Cleanliness Plaguing Our Kids With Allergies?

You can never be too rich or too wise, but you certainly can be too clean. Scientists suspect that overzealous antibacterial behavior could explain why American children are experiencing an epidemic of autoimmune diseases such as allergies. Babies and toddlers instinctually put things in their...

Don't Just Talk to Your Baby—Repeat Yourself

10 Clever (and Cute) Ways to Get Your Kid to Eat Healthy

When trying to feed a picky kid, quality family mealtime can quickly turn into a nightmare for parents. But sometimes the key to getting your darlings to eat healthy is an imagination. These crafty Pinterest culinary creations are a double whammy—they entertain your kids whilst giving them the...

How To Make Your Kids Healthy Eaters

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