Chris Hemsworth

The 16 Best Celebrity Bootys and How to Get Them (Kardashians Not Included)

Though stars like Beyoncé, Sofía Vergara, Russell Wilson, Serena Williams, Chris Hemsworth and Jane Fonda were blessed with bootylicious bodies at birth, they don’t maintain their fantastic physiques by sitting on the couch eating Cheetos and watching Real Housewives reruns! Whether sprinting...

These Active (and Cute) Celebrity Kids Will Inspire You to Get off the Couch

Gisele Bundchen, Jessica Simpson and Neil Patrick Harris have super active and healthy lifestyles so it isn’t surprising that their spawn are following in their famous footsteps. Whether copying mom’s yoga poses or skiing in Aspen on a family vacation. Hollywood’s super adorable mini me’s are...

Celebrity Couples That Sweat Together, Stay Together

The Man Bun. What is it Good For?

Fitness Tips From Hollywood’s Most Health-Conscious Men

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