Steak Lover Loses 8 Pounds on the Beyoncé Vegan Diet

Cleansing Pre-White House Correspondents' Dinner, Hollywood Style

A 10-Day Meal Plan That Aims to Create Bliss...In Your Belly

Are Laxative Teas Ever Healthy?

They may be herbal, organic and used by respected weight loss and detox centers, but are laxative teas ever really good for you? Typically containing senna as the main ingredient, teas like Yogi Tea’s Get Regular and Traditional Medicinals’ Smooth Move sit on shelves amongst the chamomile and...

Celebrity Health Hacks: Molly Sims Green Smoothie

The Dirt On Juice

The Quick Fix Cleanse

There’s a dark side to cleanses that come with promises. I wrote a book on weight and weight management. It did well enough, but certainly not as well as books that promised changes in 10 days—10 day cleanses, 10 days of juice, 10 days to skinny. Ten days is apparently the magic number. I suppose...

7 Steps to Eating Vegan-ish

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