Are Laxative Teas Ever Healthy?

They may be herbal, organic and used by respected weight loss and detox centers, but are laxative teas ever really good for you? Typically containing senna as the main ingredient, teas like Yogi Tea’s Get Regular and Traditional Medicinals’ Smooth Move sit on shelves amongst the chamomile and...

Is Oil-Pulling the New Mouthwash?

Kitchardi: The Ayurvedic Detox

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Why Juicing May Be the Newest Eating Disorder

Trendy Cleanses For Kids Alarm Doctors

How To Do A Kitchardi Cleanse

Soup: The New Liquid Cleanse

Scoot over juice cleanses, and make room for… soup? Born in Brooklyn and spreading across the country, this hot trend in drinkable diets is a comforting alternative to its cold juice counterpart—especially in the wintertime. “Soup is warming, satisfying, and can be packed with fiber, so it fills...

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