6 Surprising Stress Fighting Foods

When your stress levels spike throughout the week, where do you turn for relief? You might be surprised to know there are a number of naturally healthy foods that combat stress and the stress hormone cortisol. A calming chamomile or green tea is an obvious choice—and you’ll be happy to know that...

Yes, You Can Refreeze Thawed Foods (Here's How)

Best Healthy Gift Guide for Fitness, Cooking, Wellness and Beauty

From $10 to $1,995, these healthy gifts are unique, cool, caring and re-gift-proof. Look for the LivingHealthy special bundled 10%-off Gift Baskets in each of the five healthy gift categories below. Why? Because each LivingHealthy Gift Basket includes a FREE HealthStationTM tray from us! There’s...

How To Eat From Now Till 90

Processed Foods Can Actually Be Healthy

What to Eat If You Want to Live Past 100

Diet Trick: Play with Your Food

Do Microwaves Degrade Food Nutrients?

What's Really in Your Salmon?

Spice Up Your Life, Akasha-style

At Thailand Resort, Cooking Class With a Follow-Up

Research Shows People Who Cook at Home Eat Healthier

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