Viral Video of Dog Caring For Hospice Patient Will Warm Your Heart

A video of JJ the dog is going viral—and it’s not because she caught a frisbee 15 feet in the air. What JJ does is a bit more… heroic. As a therapy dog at a hospice in Albany, Oregon, JJ keeps her patients company, offering a loving presence along with comfort and calmness. I often do bed visits,...

9 Recipes for Dog Treats That Are Healthy (and Yummy!) Enough for Humans

If you’re a hardcore dog lover, chances are you don’t want to feed Fido something made out of ingredients you wouldn’t want to eat yourself. While the dog treat industry has revolutionized over the last decade with gluten-free, sugar-free and organic, whole-food snacks available at your local...

Too Good to Be True? A Pill Might Help Your Pup Live Longer

7 Pets That Boost Your Health

More than just animals to play with and adore, pets can help improve your mental and physical health, too. However, not enough of us who need them are taking advantage of these benefits. A research paper by UCLA Health states that pets are underutilized forms of therapy, even though there are...

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