10 Fabulously Festive, Healthier Holiday Cocktails

10 New Year’s Eve Champagne Cocktails With Actual Health Benefits

The Debate Over Light Drinking While Pregnant

American Wines Contain High Levels of Arsenic

10 Surprising Things That Can Make Your Skin Sun Sensitive

Many people know that taking certain medications or getting a chemical peel or laser treatments will make your skin more sensitive to the sun, but there are many other, less obvious culprits that will have you seeing red in the extreme if you mix them with the sun’s rays. Common pain-relievers...

10 Ridiculously Tasty (and Healthy) Summer Cocktails

Summer drinking doesn’t have to take its toll on your health. In fact, you can still enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverages like margaritas, mojitos and sangria—with a healthy twist. Kombucha margaritas, cucumber sangria and coconut water vodka refreshers are just a few of the 10 amazingly...

Women and Whiskey—Together, Now More Than Ever

Nicole Pandolfo, a New York City writer, 30, remembers the first time she tasted whiskey, and it brings a huge smile to her face. Pandolfo grew up with her grandmother in New Jersey, and every night, right before dinner, Pandolfo’s grandmother would have Pandolfo make her a Manhattan, the classic...

How to Cure a Hangover, Naturally

How to Protect Your Liver From Heavy Drinking: 5 Tips From a Rock Star Doc

Smoking May Make It Tougher to Quit Problem Drinking: Study

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