10 Ballpark Recipes That Aren't Terrible For You

Whether you’re a Dodgers devotee, a die-hard Yankees fanatic or a fair weather fan, there’s one thing we can all agree on: There’s nothing quite like sitting in the stands and gorging on hot dogs, nachos, garlic fries, pizza and, of course, Cracker Jack! Unfortunately, game-time cuisine isn’t...

This Is How You Do Frozen TV Dinners

Happy National TV Dinner Day! Prepackaged, frozen meals were given the name “TV dinners” back in the 1950s because families typically consumed them in front of the small screen. Plus, the serving containers were shaped in the form of old tube television sets. While frozen meals were traditionally...

Yes, You Can Refreeze Thawed Foods (Here's How)

Scientists Say This Is the Best Diet Plan (and It's Not Mediterranean)

From Orthorexia to 'Breaking Vegan': The Evolution of a “Healthy” Eating Disorder

We all strive to eat healthfully, but can you take that dedication too far? Yes, according to the medical community, who calls the condition “orthorexia nervosa.” Defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “an obsession with eating foods that one considers healthy,” or “a medical condition in which the...

7 Healthy Pizza Delivery Options for Netflix Nights

Did you know the average American eats upwards of 6,000 slices of pizza in a lifetime (this according to a survey done by Cici’s Pizza)? It’s no surprise considering our relationship with the American staple typically starts around preschool age. Now there's a good reason to opt for a healthier...

Does Marathon Training Cause Weight Gain?

The Dirty Secrets of Your Favorite Fall Foods

New Study Shows Your Brain on Fructose

That Wild Salmon You’re Eating Might Actually Be Pretty Tame

6 LivingHealthy Experts Share Their Beloved Thanksgiving Recipes

The most delicious day of the year typically consists of turkey and a spread of traditional fixings like corn bread stuffing and a cheesy casserole, but why not spice up the holidays with a dish your grandmother probably never thought of? This year, add an unexpected, non-traditional dish...

6 Easy Ways to Avoid Emotional Overeating This Holiday Season

Christmas parties, visits to the in-laws, finding the perfect gift for your impossibly picky uncle… while the holiday season is meant to be one of good tidings and great joy, it’s often rife with worry, tension and stress. And those emotions tend to send us straight to the buffet table and the...

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