Eating Disorders

From Orthorexia to 'Breaking Vegan': The Evolution of a “Healthy” Eating Disorder

We all strive to eat healthfully, but can you take that dedication too far? Yes, according to the medical community, who calls the condition “orthorexia nervosa.” Defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “an obsession with eating foods that one considers healthy,” or “a medical condition in which the...

Attention Gym Junkies: Overconsumption of Body-Building Supplements Could Be Dangerous

'Picky Eating' May Point to Mental Health Issues in Kids

French Parliament Debates Weight Standards for Fashion Models

Market the Disease, Then the Medicine

Tennis Great Monica Seles Opens Up About Binge Eating Disorder

Reconstructing body image: Everybody is a beach body

You’ve seen them everywhere; images of bikini clad, slender women, with smooth flawless skin, a flat tummy and thigh gaps. Sure, it’s all Photoshopped, and the reality is that no one is as perfect – everyone gets stretch marks, folks. However, these images still have the power to influence how...

Should Teacher Tell Pupils About Her Eating Disorder?

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