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7 Healthy Pizza Delivery Options for Netflix Nights

Did you know the average American eats upwards of 6,000 slices of pizza in a lifetime (this according to a survey done by Cici’s Pizza)? It’s no surprise considering our relationship with the American staple typically starts around preschool age. Now there's a good reason to opt for a healthier...

If Restaurant Calorie Labels Don't Improve Eating Habits, What Will?

America's Top Restaurant Chains Get An "F" in Antibiotic Use

If this new report doesn't make you take the phrase “Watch what you eat” more seriously, we don't know what will. A collection of consumer and health groups released a report today showing that most of America’s fast food (or casual restaurant) chains serve antibiotic-infused meats. Furthermore,...

Research Shows People Who Cook at Home Eat Healthier

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