6 Easy Ways to Avoid Emotional Overeating This Holiday Season

Christmas parties, visits to the in-laws, finding the perfect gift for your impossibly picky uncle… while the holiday season is meant to be one of good tidings and great joy, it’s often rife with worry, tension and stress. And those emotions tend to send us straight to the buffet table and the...

Will New Facebook Emoticons Make You a Better 'Friend'?

Can Consuming Bad News Actually Harm Us?

When was the last time you felt uplifted about the world we live in—after reading your daily news digest? We’re guessing it’s been a while. From the Malaysia Airlines tragedies and the Nepal earthquake to the rise of ISIS, it seems every day brings a fresh disaster. Chock-full of gory images and...

The Truth About the Three Little Words, ‘I Love You’

Why People Cry When They're Happy

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