Exercise Study

Dance Your Way to Long-Lasting Smarts

Dancing has long been associated in films and novels with what the “bad” kids do to defy adults (cue Dirty Dancing, Footloose). But what if dancing was actually a road to higher levels of intelligence—so much so that the person waltzing away was simultaneously warding off deterioration of their...

Wellness Watch: How Exercise Makes You Smarter

Proof of Mind Over Matter: How a Placebo Can Make You Perform

Does Sweating More Equate to a Better Workout?

That drip, drip, drip down your back during exercise is your friend—sweat happens so we don’t overheat and pass out. But the process of sweating is very individual; every body has its own perspiration point. So should your workouts be hot and sweaty or cool and dry? Experts say it’s largely a...

This Is Your Brain on Weights

Science Says Exercise Could Determine If We Make It to 100

3 Convincing Reasons Why You Should Walk More

10-Minute Bursts of Exercise Show Remarkable Results

How Much Exercise Do You Really Need to Live Longer?

Imagine walking into your doctor’s office and asking for the exact dose of exercise you need to live 100 happy years. He scribbles down the hours per week (and intensity level) onto a prescription pad, and off you go to sign up for a gym membership. Until recently, this was just a dream scenario....

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