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Yes, You Can Refreeze Thawed Foods (Here's How)

Decoding Deli Meat Labels

When you hit the market for some sliced meat, there’s a mind-boggling variety—fat-free, low-sodium, organic, nitrate-free—not to mention all the types of ham, roast beef, chicken, turkey and more. So how do you pick the best option? And is the best option even healthy? According to Elisa Zied,...

Processed Meats Are Officially Deemed Carcinogenic by WHO

America's Top Restaurant Chains Get An "F" in Antibiotic Use

If this new report doesn't make you take the phrase “Watch what you eat” more seriously, we don't know what will. A collection of consumer and health groups released a report today showing that most of America’s fast food (or casual restaurant) chains serve antibiotic-infused meats. Furthermore,...

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