Green Juice

Winter Detoxing Done Right

Why a green juice cleanse may not be the best idea right now. After the holidays, we are collectively more inspired to make changes for our health, whether it’s with a new diet, cleanse, supplement, or exercise regimen. Your digestive system is likely craving that fresh start after all the...

10 of the Most Popular Green Juice and Smoothie Pinterest Recipes

Looking to satisfy a craving for a guilty pleasure like lemonade, a mint-chip milkshake or a piña colada? Want to lose weight or brighten up your skin? Need a healthy burst of energy? There’s a green juice or smoothie for you just waiting to be made! LivingHealthy has scoured Pinterest and...

Algae There for You

Celebrity Health Hacks: Molly Sims Green Smoothie

How "Will & Grace" Actress Debra Messing Lost 20 Pounds

Trendy Cleanses For Kids Alarm Doctors

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