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Healthy gifts for you, your friends and family

Best Healthy Gift Guide for Fitness, Cooking, Wellness and Beauty

From $10 to $1,995, these healthy gifts are unique, cool, caring and re-gift-proof. Look for the LivingHealthy special bundled 10%-off Gift Baskets in each of the five healthy gift categories below. Why? Because each LivingHealthy Gift Basket includes a FREE HealthStationTM tray from us! There’s...

How I Got Serious Gift Cred Just by Giving a Health Station

My gifts don’t just earn the polite thank you; rather, they become the most memorable and cherished gifts my recipients forever applaud me for. This is because they are personal (but not in a monogrammed kind of way) and timely (but not in a "trending now" kind of way). It all started with the...

8 Amazing and Sustainable Lip Balms

The LivingHealthy Gift Guide for the Men in Our Lives

He’s not just any dad who spends his free time lounging around on the couch watching reruns of Cops (well, maybe he does that sometimes)—he’s a super-active dad who’s always on the move and breaking a sweat. So what do you get him on Father’s Day? Whether he’s a runner, a swimmer, a grilling...

10 Cold-Weather Workout Gear Essentials

Temperatures are beginning to drop in many parts of the country, but that doesn’t mean we have a hall pass to halt our outdoor workouts. Every year, millions of men and women continue breaking a sweat al fresco despite a harsh wind chill. So how do they do it? Wearing the right workout gear is...

7 Raw Chocolate Treats That Will Love You Back

Top 15 Health and Fitness Gifts That Could Change Your Life in 2016

14 Love-Stoked Valentine's Day Gifts for Him or Her

14 Valentine's Day Gifts for Those in Need of Some Love

Best Products for Battling Hair Loss

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