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Is Back-Cracking All It's Cracked up to Be?

That snap-crackle-pop of the spine is a familiar sound. It can happen during a yoga twist or when you turn to reverse your car out of a driveway. You can induce the cracking yourself by leaning backward over a chair or by getting into a front-facing, Heimlich-like hug with another person. And, of...

Signs of Diabetes Can Appear After a Few Days of Unhealthy Eating

LivingHealthy Q&A With Jay Glazer, FOX NFL Insider and Founder of Unbreakable Performance Center

Jay Glazer is a professional sports journalist and the founder of one of the most renowned gyms in Los Angeles. He is an NFL Insider on the longest-running sports show on television, FOX NFL Sunday, and a UFC host. Glazer also recently went into business with retired Chicago Bears linebacker...

Unhappy With Your Weight? Don't Blame Your Genes

Treatment for Early-Stage Breast Cancer May Be Unnecessary

Great News for Moms: No Need to Count Calories to Lose Weight

What It’s Like to Have a Micropenis

How To Meditate Your Headache Away

A headache can be disruptive enough to call out sick or cancel dinner plans, but what if you could alleviate the pain in just two minutes—without medication—then promptly get on with your life? Kamil Wawrzyszko, the blogger behind Kamil’s View, says it’s possible using his technique: Visualize...

How To Extend Your Lifespan, Italian Style

Everyone is familiar with the Roman Empire; the Italians are now arguably trying to achieve world domination yet again. But it’s not with sports cars, sexy women or soccer. No, this time Italians are climbing up the world leader board as the healthiest people on the planet. Italy is currently one...

This Habit Could Cause Diabetes—Even If You're Healthy

Why You Need to Reboot Your Fruit

Banish Stress with Forest Bathing

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