How to Prevent an ACL Injury (Psst… You’re Not an Exception)

Anyone who watches football knows that a weekend afternoon can go from riveting to heartbreaking in a flash. One second you’re cheering on your favorite team, then the next thing you know, you’re sitting at the edge of your seat in shock. Kansas City Chiefs fans know this feeling very well—their...

Here is Why We Should Start Treating Mental Illness Just like Physical Illness

The idea of treating mental illness just like physical ailments has always been a touchy subject. It’s arguably one of the reasons why treatment for disorders has proved complicated. Unlike physical injuries or illnesses, mental illness is somewhat taken less seriously, or approached with...

Is Your Workout Putting Your Body at Risk?

We all need to work out. That’s a fact of life. Exercise is essential to improving or maintaining our wellbeing. It makes our bodies function at optimum and might even make us look like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. However, as good as exercise is, some workouts can put your body at risk of injury....

Find the Right Yoga Studio

Is That Yoga Pose Really Safe?

How Gisele Fine-Tunes Her Famous Figure

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