How To Meditate Your Headache Away

A headache can be disruptive enough to call out sick or cancel dinner plans, but what if you could alleviate the pain in just two minutes—without medication—then promptly get on with your life? Kamil Wawrzyszko, the blogger behind Kamil’s View, says it’s possible using his technique: Visualize...

LivingHealthy Q&A With Expert Mia Togo: Yoga on and off the Mat

Mia Togo, 10 year-certified YogaWorks teacher, often starts her classes by sharing a bit of yoga philosophy. She talks about how we can apply what we experience in class to life outside of the yoga studio. LivingHealthy recently sat down with Togo to find out how, exactly, our practice connects...

5 Meditation Apps That Will Put You in a Zen State

Looking to achieve inner peace and serenity? You might have guessed—there’s an app for that. In fact, meditation apps make up eight of the top 100 free and paid health iOS apps. Although the practice of meditation dates back centuries—with proven health benefits such as reducing blood pressure...

Zen Is the New Black: 10 Stars Who Meditate

With their action-packed, jet-setting lifestyles, it’s no surprise that Michelle Rodriguez, Selena Gomez, Kate Hudson and Miranda Kerr find peace and solitude through prayer and meditation. Whether in the comfort of their own home, on set of their latest project or vacationing in the tropics,...

10 Mind-Body Wellness Strategies

When Gratitude Doesn’t Come Easily, Try Forgiveness

Do this for 5 minutes to help lift your mood

Mood determines our outlook on life. It’s a pillar that forms our motivations, desires and will. It can, however, also deter us from realising our potential. Not only does a negative mood give you less perspective, it can also create a festering environment where family, friends and colleagues...

And Meditation For All

No longer just for yogis and Zen masters, meditation is quickly infiltrating the mainstream, manifesting in studios that promise an accessible, non-spiritual approach. Classes popping up around the country give hopeful, novice and experienced meditators an alternative to Soul Cycle and a way to...

Men + Meditation = Menditation

Meditate on Your Goals

Meditation on the Run

The 3-Minute Addiction Fix

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