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Would You Buy a Bed Without Lying on It First?

Remember when purchasing shoes or prescription eyeglasses online seemed preposterous—because you couldn't try them on first? A new generation of mattress companies are hoping shoppers are now ready to buy beds online too, without ever lying down on a sample in a store. Leading the way is Casper,...

You Won't Believe the Amount of Moles That Indicate a Higher Skin Cancer Risk

Is Your Loved One Ill? Why Managing Your Stress Should Be Top Priority

Excess Weight in Middle Age May Cause Earlier Alzheimer's

You Should Start Work at 10AM (Unless You're 10 or 50)

Manscaping: A Hairless Odyssey

Ever since I was a senior in prep school, I’ve sported a hairy chest. Until now, that is, after I “manscaped.” And let me tell you, before my transformation into a Hairless Wonder Dolphin Boy, I had no idea that being manscaped hurt so good. I’d been hearing about the growing trend of dudes...

The New Prime for Men Over 40

5 Tips to Grooming Your Perfect Mustache

Guys, grooming a great mustache can be a tough task. As your facial grows longer it gets harder and harder to keep your mustache under control. But have no fear—“The Beverly Hills Barber” and LivingHealthy expert Chris Vaughn of John Allan's Premier Men's Grooming Club spills his five best tips...

Pot Users, This Might Happen in Middle Age

Prediabetes: What It Is and How to Manage It (Naturally)

How Binge-Watching Might Affect You Decades Later

Marriage Is Excellent for Health (Unless You’re ‘Ambivalent’)

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