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Inspirational Life Lessons Courtesy of Lena Dunham

“I think that I may be the voice of my generation,” Hannah Horvath, Lena Dunham’s alter ego proudly states in the pivotal 2012 pilot episode of HBO’s Girls. “Or at least a voice… of a generation.” Though some of us may have brushed her off three years ago (after all, Dunham was just reciting a...

Dance Your Way to Long-Lasting Smarts

Dancing has long been associated in films and novels with what the “bad” kids do to defy adults (cue Dirty Dancing, Footloose). But what if dancing was actually a road to higher levels of intelligence—so much so that the person waltzing away was simultaneously warding off deterioration of their...

Wellness Watch: How Exercise Makes You Smarter

Wellness Watch: Using Mind to Conquer Matter

Proof of Mind Over Matter: How a Placebo Can Make You Perform

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life: Q&A With Expert Patricia Moreno

With her intenSati method, Patricia Moreno, a fitness, wellness and inspiration leader, created a totally new space by combining challenging workouts, positive affirmations and self-acceptance to change the minds and bodies of people all over the globe. LivingHealthy asked Patricia exactly how...

Just Thinking You’re Healthy Makes You Less Likely to Catch a Cold

Stress Relief Can Save You Thousands

Vanessa Tib Lifts Us Up With Her LivingHealthy Q/A!

That feeling when you’ve just done a killer set is unbeatable—just ask fitness model and nurse @vanessatib! We discussed that and more during our sit-down with Tib for her #LivingHealthy Q/A. LivingHealthy: As a popular public figure, it's safe to say that some of your fans look up to you. Do you...

How to Trick Your Mind to Become Happy and Confident

How to Survive Holiday Loneliness

How to Trick Your Body Into Being Healthy

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