Mental Health

The Good and Bad of Using Antidepressants During Pregnancy

Dance Your Way to Long-Lasting Smarts

Dancing has long been associated in films and novels with what the “bad” kids do to defy adults (cue Dirty Dancing, Footloose). But what if dancing was actually a road to higher levels of intelligence—so much so that the person waltzing away was simultaneously warding off deterioration of their...

The Number of Trees on Your Block May Affect Your Health

This Is Your Brain on Weights

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life: Q&A With Expert Patricia Moreno

With her intenSati method, Patricia Moreno, a fitness, wellness and inspiration leader, created a totally new space by combining challenging workouts, positive affirmations and self-acceptance to change the minds and bodies of people all over the globe. LivingHealthy asked Patricia exactly how...

Just Thinking You’re Healthy Makes You Less Likely to Catch a Cold

Stress Relief Can Save You Thousands

Many Children With Mental Health Conditions Do Not Get Help From Specialists

Would You Send Electrical Currents to Your Own Brain?

A Cup of Joe a Day May Stop Your Memory From Going Away

'Picky Eating' May Point to Mental Health Issues in Kids

Is Your Job Making You Sick?

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