The Bad-Ass Side of Yoga, Brought to You by Dylan Werner

If yoga enthusiast and instructor Dylan Werner has a weakness, it’s certainly not strength or flexibility. Just watch his Instagram video post, below. WOW. Central Park. Not really a flow. More just jumping and moving through handstand transitions. A video posted by Dylan Werner...

Labor of Love: 10 Tips for Finding Your Dream Job

Work: While it enables us to pay the bills and enjoy the occasional fancy dinner, sometimes we don't necessarily love the way we spend our weekdays. But even if you’re not necessarily at your “dream job,” the fact is that most of us have the freedom to match our personal desires, skills and...

Power of Good: UNICEF’s Fitness Band Keeps Kids Active and Helps Save Lives

No Big Deal, but This 100-Year-Old Man Set 5 World Records

Elizabeth Gilbert's 'Big Magic': The Secret to Unlocking Creativity

Vanessa Tib Lifts Us Up With Her LivingHealthy Q/A!

That feeling when you’ve just done a killer set is unbeatable—just ask fitness model and nurse @vanessatib! We discussed that and more during our sit-down with Tib for her #LivingHealthy Q/A. LivingHealthy: As a popular public figure, it's safe to say that some of your fans look up to you. Do you...

Julie Bowen on the Real Reason She Works Out

Emmy award-winning actress Julie Bowen has one of the most fit bodies in Hollywood, but the desire to fit into a red carpet dress isn’t her only drive to work out. The Modern Family star and Neutrogena brand ambassador explains to LivingHealthy how exercise is a “mental game” for her, offering...

Khloe Kardashian Uses Breakup as Motivation for Body Transformation

Don’t Underestimate the Simple Power of Writing Down Your Goals

9 Tips to Live Life More Fully from a Cancer Survivor

Cancer isn’t easy. I know it very well. When I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1998 at 24-years-old, everything changed. I endured a flood of emotions, especially significant fear and concerns about mortality. In a new world with tenderness and trepidation, parts of me moved with shakiness...

Julie Bowen Changes in Her Car, and That's a Good Thing

Avid runner Julie Bowen is always on the go and doesn’t have a lot of free time, so she makes sure that she’s always ready to “slip in a quick workout” by keeping a stash of running gear in her car. “I have horrified my children, I’m not going to lie,” the Neutrogena brand ambassador confesses to...

Woman's Skin Cancer Selfie Goes Viral

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