Back to School Lunch Tips from Celebrity Chef Alex Guarnaschelli

The Curry Spice That's Shaking up the Drug Industry

Your favorite Indian or Thai curry is feeding much more than your stomach—it’s also feeding your brain, heart, lungs and all your other vital organs. Scientists say turmeric, the primary spice in curry, which can be found online or at most grocery stores, has been shown to have positive effects...

10 ‘Out-of-the-Box’ (and Healthier) Pancake Recipes

Who wouldn't enjoy a stack of pancakes—especially if it satisifed your taste buds and boosted your health at the same time? Traditional boxed flapjack mixes are chock-full of corn syrup, flour, buttermilk and unpronounceable preservatives and offer very little nutritional value. But get this—it...

70% of Avocados' Antioxidants Is in the Seed

A Chocolate So Healthy It’s Medicine

Scientists Say This Is the Best Diet Plan (and It's Not Mediterranean)

Does Marathon Training Cause Weight Gain?

That Wild Salmon You’re Eating Might Actually Be Pretty Tame

3 Reasons to Ditch Cow’s Milk Dairy (Aside From Gas)

Best Healthy Gift Guide for Fitness, Cooking, Wellness and Beauty

From $10 to $1,995, these healthy gifts are unique, cool, caring and re-gift-proof. Look for the LivingHealthy special bundled 10%-off Gift Baskets in each of the five healthy gift categories below. Why? Because each LivingHealthy Gift Basket includes a FREE HealthStationTM tray from us! There’s...

10 Guilt-Free (Well, Almost) Winter Desserts

Drinking Coffee Will Prolong Your Energy—and Your Life

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