Nutrition Habits

Does Marathon Training Cause Weight Gain?

The Perfect Breakfast to Control Cravings

7 Mind Tricks to Avoid Overeating

Americans are overeating—this is no secret. For years, nutritionists reinforced the idea of eating good portion sizes by comparing food to everyday objects, like a deck of cards or your own fist. But when it comes down to you at your dinner table, trying to remember if your pasta should look more...

Are Fortified Foods Still Necessary?

It’s the 21st century, so shouldn’t we know how to grow food with enough nutrients to sustain our health? What is the underlying problem with our agriculture system that causes fortification—the practice of enriching staple foods with essential vitamins and minerals to improve their nutritional...

What Hollywood’s Top Celebrity Trainers Really Eat

They are responsible for getting Hollywood’s top stars in tip-top shape, so when they offer food and diet advice, we listen! Gwyneth Paltrow’s go-to gal Tracy Anderson, Kim Kardashian’s get-fit guru Gunnar Peterson, and Gisele Bündchen’s Pilates pro Nonna Gleyzer are just a few of the top...

Are These Diet Snacks Messing With Your Hormones?

As anyone on a weight loss plan can attest, looking forward to a daily treat (even if it’s the pre-packaged diet version) is a welcome respite from meals measured down to the ounce. You can indulge in that Weight Watchers-approved sweet snack (Red Velvet Crème Cake, anyone?) with zero guilt. But...

11 Non-Depressing Ways to Eat More Healthfully

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