Winter Detoxing Done Right

Why a green juice cleanse may not be the best idea right now. After the holidays, we are collectively more inspired to make changes for our health, whether it’s with a new diet, cleanse, supplement, or exercise regimen. Your digestive system is likely craving that fresh start after all the...

Not Many Teenagers Get Enough Sleep

More Fat, Less Memory?

Can Exercise Really Lower a Woman's Risk of Breast Cancer?

Surprising New Therapy Technique Makes You Feel Like a Loser (On Purpose!)

You know that sinking, self-loathing feeling you get when you’re rebuffed, turned down or denied admission to the inner circle? It keeps many of us from trying new things or asking for what we want. Well, now there’s a strategy—and a game—to help you overcome that fear, by going out and getting...

Designer Phillip Lim Talks Men's Grooming

Why This Is Sex Season

Herbal Pharmacist Speaks Out About Drugstore Recalls and Safety Alerts: Exclusive Video

He saw it coming. Before news of the bogus supplements broke, we sat down with Dr. Richard Schulze, ND, MH, and spent the day asking him about the multi-billion dollar industry that he has helped create. Over the years, he has seen thousands of patients, albeit in an unorthodox clinic, and has...

Can Natural Makeup Really Perform?

Alzheimer's Treatment Is Singing a New Tune

Why a Deep Sleep Might Cause Deeper Lines

Sleep. Diet. Exercise. Those are the three cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle. According to Alon Avidan, MD, Director of the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center, “a good night’s sleep” (seven to eight quality hours) is necessary for our cells to rejuvenate, getting rid of toxins and undergoing repair....

Is Your Skin Sick?

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