Way to Go! LivingHealthy's Head of Finance Wins 10K

Pardon us for the vanity here, but like any proud parent we couldn’t help but to brag about our own. LivingHealthy’s Christine Bolf (our stellar financial controller) took first place amongst the 1,317 female runners in a 10k in Manhattan Beach, Calif. on Saturday. Why is this such a big deal?...

Does Marathon Training Cause Weight Gain?

No Big Deal, but This 100-Year-Old Man Set 5 World Records

How Your Physique Changes After a Season of Inactivity

In some parts of the country, the tank tops and shorts have already been stowed away as colder weather begins to creep in. Soon, the rest of us will also be entering the months of bundling up in layers and snuggling indoors by the fire. Making those 6AM trips to the gym when it’s chilly outside...

How Your Body Makes Its Own ‘Internal Marijuana’

How to Run Like a Marathoner (Even If You're Not One)

Whether you’re a casual jogger or treadmill junkie, you can take your sport to the next level fairly easily with simple changes. To get advice from bona-fide running experts, LivingHealthy spoke with four members of the Atlanta Track Club—all veterans of multiple marathons. Starting out, none of...

Eminem's Exercise Addiction Following Rehab

If You're Looking for a Reason to Drink Coffee, Here It Is

Julie Bowen Changes in Her Car, and That's a Good Thing

Avid runner Julie Bowen is always on the go and doesn’t have a lot of free time, so she makes sure that she’s always ready to “slip in a quick workout” by keeping a stash of running gear in her car. “I have horrified my children, I’m not going to lie,” the Neutrogena brand ambassador confesses to...

The LivingHealthy Gift Guide for the Men in Our Lives

He’s not just any dad who spends his free time lounging around on the couch watching reruns of Cops (well, maybe he does that sometimes)—he’s a super-active dad who’s always on the move and breaking a sweat. So what do you get him on Father’s Day? Whether he’s a runner, a swimmer, a grilling...

The Best Physical Activities for Better Sleep

Staying Fit (and Unplugged) With Tai Chi

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