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When Your Sex Life Sucks

If you’re less than satisfied with your sex life, don’t feel alone: There are billions of people in this world who share your frustration. In a 2011 Australian study, researchers surveyed 3,240 men and 3,304 women in long-term relationships and found that 54 percent of men and 42 percent of women...

The New Prime for Men Over 40

Sex Makes Us Happier Than Money Does

Wait, What? Aspirin Can Increase Your Chances of Conception?

Dividing Housework Means Better Sex

There Are More Reasons to Ejaculate Than Just Feeling Good

More People Are Choosing the Sex of Their Babies, But Is It Ethical?

Baby Steps: Why My BRCA Diagnosis Made Me Freeze My Eggs

There’s a saying that goes: “You can’t choose your parents, but you can choose how you deal with them.” I would add, “You can’t choose the genes you get from your parents, but you can choose how you deal with them.” In an article I wrote recently, I spoke about testing positive for the BRCA gene...

VIP Vasectomy Weekend

VIP Vasectomy Weekend. That’s right, fellas—when you’re truly, finally ready to cut the cord and call it quits on kids forever, the best and only way to go is to proudly cross the River Zero Sperm with a weekend that begins and ends with everything and anything that makes you happy. Every VIP...

Here's Another Reason to Ban Smartphones Before Bed

Just Do It: 8 Sex Retreats That Will Amp Up Your Intimacy

10 Workouts That Will Improve Your Sex Life

Need more incentive to get your butt to the gym? How’s this: Working out has between-the-sheets benefits. “A fit mind and body are key to a great sex life,” explains Beverly Hills ob-gyn Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, MD. “Nurturing that mind-body connection is required for a more connected and satisfying...

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