Would You Buy a Bed Without Lying on It First?

Remember when purchasing shoes or prescription eyeglasses online seemed preposterous—because you couldn't try them on first? A new generation of mattress companies are hoping shoppers are now ready to buy beds online too, without ever lying down on a sample in a store. Leading the way is Casper,...

How to Cure Those Under-Eye Circles Once and for All

A New and Refreshingly Simple Way to Determine If You're Ovulating

Too Little Sleep May Quadruple Your Risk for Colds

Night Shift Work Linked To Obesity In New Sleep Study

You Should Start Work at 10AM (Unless You're 10 or 50)

How to Protect Yourself From the “Sneeze Cloud”

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is Finally Getting the Attention It Needs

Turns Out Interrupted Sleep Is the Worst for Your Mood

Are Kids’ Bedtimes Obsolete or Should They Be the Law?

Whether you are a parent of a newborn or a teenager, chances are that at some point you have wrestled with the surprisingly controversial topic of your child’s bedtime. While playing the enforcer can be somewhat difficult—especially as your child transitions into an adolescent and tries to fight...

Our Ancestors Didn’t Clock 8 Hours of Sleep—and They Were Healthier

For Teens, Late Night Bedtime May Equal Weight Gain

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