Fidgeting Is Healthy for Us All

Why Mindfulness Rules: More of It Equals Less Belly Fat

Fracking Linked to Considerably High Pregnancy Risk

Many Children With Mental Health Conditions Do Not Get Help From Specialists

Why Our Gut Instincts May Define Our Healthiest Diet

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From Asthma to Acne: Can You Be Cured by Salt?

Is Over-Cleanliness Plaguing Our Kids With Allergies?

You can never be too rich or too wise, but you certainly can be too clean. Scientists suspect that overzealous antibacterial behavior could explain why American children are experiencing an epidemic of autoimmune diseases such as allergies. Babies and toddlers instinctually put things in their...

Is Too Much Sexual Attention Bad for Women?

B12: The Acne Vitamin?

Eat This, Then That to Control Insulin

Science Discovers Yet Another Reason to Avoid Sitting

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