Sunburns are caused by too much exposure to the sun or sunlights. Mild cases of sunburn can result in red, irritated skin, while severe cases can cause blisters, fever and nausea. Prevention of sunburns includes limiting time spent in the sun, covering skin (with clothing, for example) so it's not exposed to the sun or wearing a sunscreen product.


10 Surprising Things That Can Make Your Skin Sun Sensitive

Many people know that taking certain medications or getting a chemical peel or laser treatments will make your skin more sensitive to the sun, but there are many other, less obvious culprits that will have you seeing red in the extreme if you mix them with the sun’s rays. Common pain-relievers...

New Dumb and Deadly Trend: Sunburn 'Art'

The Best Wearable Devices for Preventing Sunburn

A Sunscreen You’ll Actually Put On Everyday

These are the best sunscreens for your money

The sun on my skin is like chocolate on French fries. It all tastes great together until you see your face turn blue with nausea. So while I enjoy changing my appearance, red was never my color. A lot of you might share the same sentiments and, if you do, sunscreen is probably your best friend....

Don’t Let the Summer Sun Age You

Oh beautiful summer. How your season brings joy to life as the birds tweet in luscious green leaves. Plants show off vivacious flowers, ranging from crisp yellows and scented reds to dazzling blues and moist purples. Bees buzz collecting pollen, scratching their legs against anthers, and insects...

12 Sunscreens That Won't Sting (or Burn, or Get In Your Eyes or Rub Off)

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