Eat Your Garlic: Why the Stinking Rose Is Having a Superfood Moment

To some, garlic is just an aromatic that adds a delicious kick of flavor to their dishes, but to health nuts, garlic is the holy grail of the allium (onion) family. It has been used for both culinary and medicinal purposes across many cultures for thousands of years; studies have linked garlic to...

Are Fortified Foods Still Necessary?

It’s the 21st century, so shouldn’t we know how to grow food with enough nutrients to sustain our health? What is the underlying problem with our agriculture system that causes fortification—the practice of enriching staple foods with essential vitamins and minerals to improve their nutritional...

'Take the Tour': Inside Dr. Schulze, the Herb Doc's, Kitchen

At LivingHealthy we are consumers like you—curious about everything we put in and on our bodies. We tend to be skeptical. We research our purchase decisions. We read reviews. We read articles. We check sources. We get buyer’s remorse. We loathe buying products we can’t use. We fear that if we...

9 Superfoods to Grab

The 9 Best Pregnancy Foods for Health-Conscious Moms

Men, You Should Try These Superfoods

Our love for food is natural. Sadly, we’ve been brought up to believe too much of it can lead to complications such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth folks. The reality is that we’re consuming the wrong foods, which have a high calorie...

What’s The Next Maca-Esque Superfood?

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