Viral Video of Dog Caring For Hospice Patient Will Warm Your Heart

A video of JJ the dog is going viral—and it’s not because she caught a frisbee 15 feet in the air. What JJ does is a bit more… heroic. As a therapy dog at a hospice in Albany, Oregon, JJ keeps her patients company, offering a loving presence along with comfort and calmness. I often do bed visits,...

Why Water Is a Natural Painkiller

Whether the result of injury, menstrual cramps or an intense game of tennis, pain is an all-too-common cause of discomfort that can debilitate even your most dedicated efforts to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. That’s why I (and millions worldwide) depend on hydrotherapy—the use of water...

Alone in the Dark: Sensory Deprivation Tanks Are Back

A Single Hour of Talk Therapy Can Help With Coffee Addiction

Stress Relief Can Save You Thousands

7 Pets That Boost Your Health

More than just animals to play with and adore, pets can help improve your mental and physical health, too. However, not enough of us who need them are taking advantage of these benefits. A research paper by UCLA Health states that pets are underutilized forms of therapy, even though there are...

Do Doctors Have a Moral Responsibility to Discuss Alternatives to Conventional Medicine?

From Ayurveda and reflexology to black cohosh root and saw palmetto berries, complementary medicine is a billion-dollar business in today’s world. This school of drug-free doctoring views the mind and the body as an integrated system—meaning they influence each other—and depends on your...

What Exactly is Rolfing?

If you want to stay on top of your exercise game, stretching out your muscles may not be enough. That’s because your fascia—not your muscle—may be the culprit behind your soreness, pain and restricted movement. Your what? Fascia is a connective tissue that surrounds all muscles (like webbing) and...

How To Select the Best Herbal Remedies

Master Herbalist Dr. Schulze, ND, MH, believes natural herbal remedies are an alternative to medicine and doctor visits. We sat down with Dr. Schulze to learn about the benefits of herbal remedies for improving your overall health and well-being.

What You Need to Know About Cryotherapy

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