Are Environmental Toxins Making You Sick?

I suffered with allergy and asthma for most of my life, went through hours of painful allergy tests and lived on decongestants, antihistamines and bronchial inhalers—until I moved to a new city about 300 miles away. Later, my doctor discovered that I was allergic to the allergens released into...

How to Clear Your Home of Toxin Congestion

Hollywood’s elite has long been concerned with raising awareness about global environmental issues. Now they’re getting involved in green matters that hit much closer to home: the toxicity of our indoor living spaces. Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog post, “The Dirty on Getting Clean,” went viral, and...

Could Getting Rid of Pests Cost Your Children Their Health?

Your Low-Anxiety Guide to Summer Toxins

Forget Christmas—for many of us, summer is the most wonderful time of the year. Beach days, lazy cookouts, family time… what could go wrong? Just ask a neurotic (that’s me). Where some may delight in the faux-coconut smell of their suntan lotion, my mind is flashing “phthalates”! Foodies savor...

Harmful Toxins? Bye, Bye Baby

Perfect Nails, Poisoned Workers

Why Botulism Is Found in Canned Foods and How to Keep Your Pantry Safe

New Documentary Shows We're Unwitting Guinea Pigs

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