How to Run Like a Marathoner (Even If You're Not One)

Whether you’re a casual jogger or treadmill junkie, you can take your sport to the next level fairly easily with simple changes. To get advice from bona-fide running experts, LivingHealthy spoke with four members of the Atlanta Track Club—all veterans of multiple marathons. Starting out, none of...

What Hollywood’s Top Celebrity Trainers Really Eat

They are responsible for getting Hollywood’s top stars in tip-top shape, so when they offer food and diet advice, we listen! Gwyneth Paltrow’s go-to gal Tracy Anderson, Kim Kardashian’s get-fit guru Gunnar Peterson, and Gisele Bündchen’s Pilates pro Nonna Gleyzer are just a few of the top...

Cameron Diaz’s Trainer Teddy Bass Reveals How To Get (and Stay) in A-List Shape

No-Rest Workout Is the New Tabata… But Is It For You?

Ready to stop begging for a breather? From East Coast to West, stars are lining up for grueling workouts—that don’t include a breather in between reps. Take Vanessa Hudgens and Victoria’s Secret model Martha Hunt, who are putting themselves through an “amazingly intense beast of a workout,” by...

5 Reasons NOT to Run a Marathon

James Van Der Beek’s Football-Inspired Pilates Workout

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