The Curry Spice That's Shaking up the Drug Industry

Your favorite Indian or Thai curry is feeding much more than your stomach—it’s also feeding your brain, heart, lungs and all your other vital organs. Scientists say turmeric, the primary spice in curry, which can be found online or at most grocery stores, has been shown to have positive effects...

Inflammation: Causes, Effects and Solutions

Inflammation, simply put, involves your immune system’s attempt to heal or hurt you. It can vanish quickly after completing its job or continue to flare—sometimes so much that diseases result. By learning about inflammation’s causes and effects, we can develop insights into powerful strategies...

Why Turmeric May Be the Next Big Trend in Skincare Products

A Serum that Tackles Your Particular Skin Concern

Healthy Habits: Small Changes for Huge Impact

Going from Paleo to vegan may be too drastic a change for you—or anyone, for that matter. (Any time someone suggests a lifestyle overhaul, I run for the rosé.) But the truth is, there are minor adjustments that we can make to have a major healthy impact in the long run. I never thought I would be...

Flip Your Fatburning Switch

Spice Up Your Life, Akasha-style

Kitchardi: The Ayurvedic Detox

9 Celebrities Getting Their Juice On

Keep Your Pearly Whites White

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