Before technology, walking was primarily a form of transportation. Since our humble beginnings, walking has transformed from a mode of transportation to a healthy, enjoyable, recreational pastime. Doctors tell us that walking will add years to our lives, and there are numerous devices to help us count our daily footsteps, and the calories we've burned. Walking can be done solo, with a friend, or even in large groups. We have many articles on the health benefits of walking, and ideas to maximize those benefits.


3 Convincing Reasons Why You Should Walk More

Eating on the Run Might Mean Eating More Later

A Walk in the Park Is as Good As Pills for Reducing Stress

Why Walking Like a Duck May Throw Your Body Out of Whack

The next time you’re at the beach, take a look at the footprints in the sand. You’ll probably notice that most of them form a V-pattern. Do yours? Though it may feel natural, walking with your feet turned out (instead of parallel) is not the way our bodies were designed to walk and can cause...

'Skinny Jeans' Linked to Woman's Nerve Damage

The Best Physical Activities for Better Sleep

Celebrity Trainers Tell Us How to Stay Healthy and Fit During the Holidays

2-Minute Walk Every Hour May Help Offset Effects of Sitting

Keep Moving to Stay a Step Ahead of Arthritis

Childhood Self-Control Linked to Better Job Prospects Later in Life

Walking Boosts Outcomes for Prostate Cancer Survivors

How Much Exercise Do You Really Need to Live Longer?

Imagine walking into your doctor’s office and asking for the exact dose of exercise you need to live 100 happy years. He scribbles down the hours per week (and intensity level) onto a prescription pad, and off you go to sign up for a gym membership. Until recently, this was just a dream scenario....

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