Real Talk on Weight Loss With Brown University Psychologist

Can You Prevent Your Baby From Becoming Obese?

Is the BMI Outdated?

To Weigh or Not to Weigh?

Soluble Fiber May Be the Key to Preventing Weight Gain

Eliminating Sugar Improves Kids’ Health Almost Immediately

How Your Physique Changes After a Season of Inactivity

In some parts of the country, the tank tops and shorts have already been stowed away as colder weather begins to creep in. Soon, the rest of us will also be entering the months of bundling up in layers and snuggling indoors by the fire. Making those 6AM trips to the gym when it’s chilly outside...

Does Marathon Training Cause Weight Gain?

For Teens, Late Night Bedtime May Equal Weight Gain

11 Confident Women Who Are Challenging Hollywood’s Body Image Standards

Not every star in Hollywood is a size 0. And while the entertainment industry is notorious for promoting unrealistic standards when it comes to body image, some female celebrities are breaking the mold by proving to the world that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. After being ostracized by...

More Fat, Less Memory?

Night Shift Work Linked To Obesity In New Sleep Study

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