Weight Loss

4 Questions To Ask About Safety of Weight Loss Supplements

Since the Fen-Phen fiasco of the 1990s (in case you forgot, that’s where weight loss turned into life loss as a result of the deadly drug combination of fenfluramine/phentermine), weight loss supplements have been battling an uphill battle for legitimacy. But that hasn’t stopped us from scarfing...

Winter Detoxing Done Right

Why a green juice cleanse may not be the best idea right now. After the holidays, we are collectively more inspired to make changes for our health, whether it’s with a new diet, cleanse, supplement, or exercise regimen. Your digestive system is likely craving that fresh start after all the...

Belly Fat & Your Health

What are your fitness goals for the year ahead? If you’re after a tight, trim tummy, the benefits of slimming down your waistline goes beyond a mere fitness goal. Research shows that excess belly fat puts you at risk for a number of serious health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, high...

Air Pollution May Be Stalling Your Weight Loss

To Weigh or Not to Weigh?

The Message Behind Those “Last Five Pounds”

Wellness Watch: The Latest Research on Weight Loss and Obesity

Soluble Fiber May Be the Key to Preventing Weight Gain

Eliminating Sugar Improves Kids’ Health Almost Immediately

Why Internet Use May Not Be An Excuse for Teenage Obesity

Weight Loss While You Relax? Study Hints It Could Happen

The Rise of the In-Room Hotel Workout

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